Aluna was conceived over a beach bbq after a day in the surf as the moon rose over the waves.  A passionate conversation between three friends who loved great rums and fresh, natural ingredients but were tired of spirits that were too sweet, with their flavours hidden behind a wall of sugar.  
First up was an all-natural toasted coconut rum, made with premium rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with pure, sustainably sourced coconut water for a fresh coconut dimension and a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel.  Awards, high fives and many good times followed and we knew were doing the right thing.
Some time later we released our second product, a coffee liqueur made with the same mindful approach to sugar, made using our toasted coconut rum and multi-layered flavours of 100% Arabica cold brew coffee, cacao nibs and subtle black cardamom.   Great on its own, in an espresso martini, try it over ice cream. It got a big thumbs up too.
In 2021 after months of experimenting we released our Peach & Pomelo Liqueur, blending our rum with white peach, sweetened with coconut blossom nectar and balanced with the gentle citrus of pomelo, the favourite fruit of the Moon Goddess.
What's next?  We've got a lot of ideas and although we can't share them just yet we can guarantee they will be made with all-natural ingredients, won't be dominated by sugar and you can be sure they will taste awesome. 
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